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FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 2:00pm PDT
fury. >> this country has a crime problem. not a gun problem. >> no, if you look at the gun laws we have. i don't think president obama proposed gun laws. we have good strong gun laws. two have to enforce the laws. we have a lot of laws that aren't properly enforced. we need to enforce the law. best thing to prevent the violent crime in inner cities is bring opportunity in the inner city. >> andrea: we cut that. but it goes on where the reporter gets more and more hostile. eventually the press secretary pulls it. are we going to see the media step few the obama campaign is flailing more? >> dana: often the initials you get good interview from local media. if they think they will win a pulitzer prize from that, they're in trouble. paul ryan is smarter than everybody nellis the room. if it comes across that he knows he's smarter than everybody else, it looks smug or arrogant. there is somebody else in politics with that problem. >> andrea: does his rhyme with morack morama? >> dana: he will be differential to biden and kim him on substance. >> bob: i can't let you get away with saying
FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in as economists in the department of labor statistics? >> and let me tell you, there's no law against giving money. these are not major-- you're making it out like somehow george soros is running the department. ridiculous, eric. >> and you attacked me on something about the-- >> the confidence has been going up for months, this is not something that's based on-- >> i think two statistics that do matter in here to people. whether or not they would pay attention to them. one is the participation rate. >> yes. >> you have that few people, the lowest it's been since 1962. >> let's look at why that is. because more people close to retirement age are deciding that they-- >> that's been debunked several times. >> they're unemployed and-- >> no, no, no, they're taking early retirement and deciding you know what? >> and the line that bob beckel tried to use and it actually does not pan out and the second one is that take home pay is not keeping up with inflation. and inflation is higher so that the take home pay numbers are not better, the median household income is down, and actually
FOX News
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
them at this point. the law of diminishing return. they are experiencing it. after six months of trying to do nothing but saying he is such a liar. i heard of people who run on something to promise something. then they run for re-election and say did you lie then when you say you were going to close gitmo? is that a lie? i never heard of someone being told they were liaring because of their proposal in front of 55 million people. that's actually, that isn't possible. like with susan rice, ambassador rice, i don't think she purposefully lied. someone gave her bad information or someone got -- something happened there. >> andrea: an interesting answer, look at your buddy debbie wasserman schultz. could this be lying? listen to the bizarreo answer she gave last night. >> they put out information they had at the time. based on the intelligence they were given. it doesn't mean it was false. >> andrea: he said it's completely wrong. she said that doesn't mean it was false. is she a liar? >> eric: i have -- look, there is a difference between campaign lying, and the white house lying. differen
FOX News
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
president bush. i said the administration. c.i.a. knew -- >> dana: they weren't allowed to by law? that is an outrageous thing. you should take it back before we get out of the segment. >> bob: i'm not going to take it back. >> andrea: i'm surprised you're not more outraged or the president isn't outraged or biden. they should say heads should roll. we'll figure out what will happen. they want to fix it like it's a broken toilet. >> eric: two weeks after the attack, september 25, barack obama went to ton podium and blamed the movie. two weeks later. now they're saying we never got -- >> andrea: they're numb. >> eric: two weeks after it happened they didn't have intel still? >> bob: there are events all over the world. by the way, i hate to get it down to secure politics, people voting on this is negligible one. >> dana: politics, liberals blame the intelligence community. directly ahead. bolling breaks down economic issues from last night's debate. right back with that on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unitedhealthcare wants to know "what do you want from a medicare plan?"
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)